Four Wheel Downhill Racing

Downhill mountain biking is one of the most exciting sports in the world. It requires fitness, bravery and good reactions whilst riding at speed. It is the ultimate test of nerve and bike control. It's all about who is the fastest from top to bottom. Which rider has the skill to brake the latest, corner the fastest and ride closest to the edge of their ability?

Riding down steep trails, over a series of technical trail features, the courses can be a mix of natural and man-made obstacles spanning their descent. These challenges can include jumps, table-tops, doubles, drop-offs, rock gardens, and bermed or off-camber corners. It's a long, bumpy ride to the bottom so the bikes have full front and rear suspension. With plenty of thrills and spills, a helmet is compulsory and body armour is also highly recommended!

In the fast-paced world of mountain bike racing, members of various teams across the Atlantic have been regularly competing in slalom and downhill events for a number of years. These riders have now become the riders to beat.

Although four wheel bikes have no drivetrain, and cannot be pedalled, their four wheels and low centre of gravity give them extra stability in the turns. So, on the rough, rutted tracks where such off-road MTB races are typically staged, these riders can often reach speeds exceeding 30 miles per hour.

On the rough, rutted tracks and trails where such off-road MTB races are typically staged, racers often reach speeds exceeding 30 miles per hour.

Downhill four wheel mountain biking is a fast growing sport amongst both wheelchair users and able bodied people in the United States and Canada. However, at present there are limited facilities available here in the UK, so we bought our own equipment to enable others to experience the pleasure and benefits of this exciting new sport.

We believe that the 'extreme' thrills and enjoyment provided by these bikes and amazing sport must be promoted across the UK. This is a 'fully inclusive' sport, for all levels of ability/disability and can be fully integrated within the current downhill mountain bike circuit.

Therefore, some of the UK's downhill MTB competitions and events could (and should) include gravity bikes too...

This special new project aims to build a downhill bike in the UK, to help spread the all-inclusive sport of 4 wheeled gravity mountain biking for abled and disabled people alike. Inspired by our club, this project intends to spread this exciting new form of downhill by building the equipment here in the UK, thus making it accessible to anyone. Please visit for more information. You can also find 'ProjectGravityX' on Facebook and Twitter.